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We supply and fit an extensive range of storage accessories, all of which can be customised to meet your needs – jewellery drawers, rails, shelves and more.


Navan Robes has the answer to your storage needs. Contact us now.

Jewellery Drawer

If you are inclined to leave your Jewellery thrown around your dressing table or are fed up getting your necklaces and chains tangled up with each other, a Jewellery Drawer is the perfect solution for you. It’s allows you to store your Jewellery in an organised manner, always ensuring your outfit has the perfect matching accessory available at a moment’s notice.

Pull-Down Rail

The Pull-Down Rail is ideal for those hard to reach areas or if you simply just wish to make use of the top shelf with hanging space instead. It’s very easy to use – Just lift the handle out and pull the rail down. No more throwing your clothes on the bed or back of a chair due to lack of hanging space.

Hanging Rails

We have all been there, hung coats, blouses and cardigans on the back of door knobs, chairs and even the floor due to a lack of hanging availability. Our Standard, Standard Plus and Deluxe Interior Ranges can all incorporate a mix of Single Hanging, Double Hanging and Tall Hanging Rails for Shirts, Blouses and Formal Evening Dresses and Long Coats. No more throwing clothes in a pile on the floor.


Our 3 Wardrobes Interior Ranges all come with ample Shelving. Ideal for storing those bulky Jumpers and Tops but don’t want them hidden deep within drawers. Shelves are the ideal storage solution for you if you like Clothes easily accessible.

Soft-Close Drawers

We know sometimes you prefer certain clothing items hidden from view and our Soft Close Drawers are the perfect solution. As they are “Soft Close”, the runner system is extremely easy to open and close and very quiet too. They can be manufactured in any size from 400mm up to 1000mm.

Shoe Storage

Have a large amount of Footwear but nowhere to store them? Do you need to get your Shoes organised into Everyday wear and Formal wear? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have Shoe Storage that allows you to organise your Footwear into various types such as Boots, Trainers, High Heels and Sandals? That’s where our Pull-Out Shoe Drawers resolve your Storage Problems. They are Soft Close, simple to pull in and out and allow you easy access to all your Footwear.

Door Handles

Make a statement with beautiful crafted traditional and contemporary wardrobe door handles.
Dress your drawers in style.

Wire Chrome Baskets

Wire Chrome Baskets offer a transparent storage solution for those items you need easy access to. No more forgotten items located at the back of your shelves. Say Good bye to clothing chaos and hello to fully visible easily accessible clothing items from every angle.

Pull-Out Trouser Rack

A Pull-Out Trouser Rack is the ideal solution to freeing up space elsewhere in your wardrobe and keeping your trousers neat and free from creases. No more overloaded Hangers.

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