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Our sliding wardrobes deliver versatile and stylish storage solutions while maximising the space in your bedroom.

Benefits of Fitted Sliding Wardrobes


Sliding Robes are the ideal storage solution for any dwelling, house or apartment as they can be fitted from Floor to Ceiling and Wall to Wall maximising even the smallest amount of storage space available.


Floor to ceiling wardrobes also maximises Natural Light ensuring your room is flooded with daylight during the day. Ideal for dark rooms.


The doors are space saving as they open without a hinge and instead they glide along a track. This ensures that no extra space is required to open a door making them ideal for smaller bedrooms.


Sliding Doors are fitted with wood or shatterproof safety glass and mirrors making them a safe option for Children’s Bedrooms.


They can have multiple uses. If you install a Mirror as one of your Sliding Doors, there is no need to purchase an extra Mirror for your bedroom, saving both space and money.


Sliding Door Styles

Classic Style Door

Our Classic Door collection consists of one full single panel that can be finished with either Wood or Glass. This door style can create a dramatic stunning impact regardless of which finish you choose.

Elegance Style Door

The Elegance door collection contains a small top and bottom panel and large centre panel. You can choose to mix up Wood, Glass and Mirror finishes or use the same materials on each panel.

Contemporary Style Door

The Contemporary style door panel consists of a one or multiple bands across either the top, centre or bottom of the door. This allows the option to segment your door panel and inject another colour or material into the door. Numerous options are available.

Oriental Style Door

The Oriental sliding door collection consists of the panel split up into either 2, 3, 4 or 5 segments. This design is extremely popular and is a timeless finish that never dates. You can mix and match various panels with accents of colour or material such as Wood or Glass.


Sliding Door Finishes

Lacobel Glass Colours

We offer a vast range of coloured glass and finishes for your Sliding Door Panels. There are over 20 glass colours including the popular Whites and Greys, 15 natural wood finishes and Silver and Bronze Mirror to choose from. The choice is endless but don’t worry we are more than happy to help you with any questions you have.

Egger Wood Colours

With over 15 Natural Wood Finishes in addition to Silver Mirror and Bronze Mirror, the opportunities are endless.

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